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First world treatments at your fingertips

  • Women's health specialists

  • Comprehensive care: woman, couple, family

  • Advanced technology

  • The values ​​of integrity, honesty and commitment define ourselves.

Certified specialists

We are committed to our work, that's why all our specialists are certified, have extensive experience and share the values ​​that define us.

High effectiveness

We have the best technology to perform all our processes. We offer you accurate diagnoses and highly effective treatments.

Personal attention

Each treatment is unique. We seek to know the needs of each patient, their clinical history and all the details that help us provide the best treatment.


Your health is first

We want to be parents

It's possible!

Your pregnancy

With you from the first day

We want to hear you

Tell us what you need, we are here to help you.

Come with us!

We are ready to receive you and provide you with the best care.


Detection methods and treatment of the first world.

  • Gynecological check up

  • Detection and prevention of diseases

  • Alterations of the menstrual and hormonal cycle

  • Sexual orientation and education

We help you realize your dream

  • Study of the infertile couple

    Why can't we conceive?

  • Fertility preservation

    How can I guarantee my fertility?

  • Insemination, fertilization and other techniques of assisted reproduction.

    What is the best option for us?

  • Genetic diagnosis

    How will our son be?


Ready to be a mom?

  • Ultrasound

    Control of fetal growth and development.

  • Prenatal care

    Health of mother and baby.

  • Birth

    Monitoring and care of natural childbirth.

  • Cesarean Section

    Assistance and care service, scheduled and emergency

The best investment you can make

is taking care of yourself

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Torre Ginecopediátrica Dalinde, Colonia Roma Sur

Ciudad de México

Torre Ginecopediátrica Dalinde. Tehuantepec No. 251, piso 1, Interior 102. Col. Roma Sur, Del. Cuauhtémoc. Ciudad de México.